Friday, April 24, 2009

stylestaters: Paul Newman


Recently, my guy has been re-evaluating his style. He turned 26 this year, moved from the beach to the city, and realized that what passed in sunny San Diego doesn't always work in windy San Fran. I have always loved the way he dressed, but fully supported an upgrade. As we were shopping around I couldn't help but notice how fantastic he would look dressed a little less Spiccoli and a little more Paul Newman. Always looking cool, clean cut, and yet just rugged enough, Paul Newman is my dream man style. His staples included V-neck sweaters, fitted chino's and trousers hitting just at the ankle, Chuck Taylor's or oxfords, and tight, white tees. My guy didn't need to make too many adjustments as he was well on his way to achieving this look.

Paul Newman was always an active man and needed comfort to be key. Never a fan of over sized, he is a vision in tailored clothing, showing of his athletic yet slim physique. He was either on a sailboat, racing a car,horseback ridding or shopping with the love of his life, longtime wife Joanne Woodward.He was a very handsome and talented man and he will be missed. But guys, take note, this is how a man should dress!

left, my beau looking cool right,Paul still stylish in old age

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