Thursday, April 23, 2009

stylestaters: Kirsten Dunst


Recently, in an attempt to not look back at my 20's and sigh at the fact that I never had fun with my style, I dyed my hair very, very blonde. Though many have given their oppinion without my asking, saying they liked it better before or they like me better now, the best thing I have heard from several people is my recent comparability to the ever so stylish, indie-scene queen, Ms. Kirsten Dunst. And to that I say first, "Really?" ,and then, "THANK YOU!!".

Kirsten on left, me on right,
what do you think?

Kirsten Dunst has been one of the young actresses whose personal style I have both admired and related to over the years. Her tried and true staples consist of black Ray Ban Wayfarers, Chuck Taylor's, and white v-neck tees. On her downtime she is always photographed looking like she just rolled out of a great concert at a small venue, and her red carpet look speaks of effortless, timeless glamour and just the right touch of artistic flair. Hair always perfectly undone whether she's traipsing around in chucks and jeans or sauntering down the red carpet in Chanel and Lanvin. Kirsten is a girl that all of us other girls can relate to. She seems to not splurge on every trend but rather wear the classics. She is that cool girl that you want to hang out with, sip an iced coffee and peruse the record store. This must be why Boy by Band of Outsiders made her their spring spokesmodel for all of those to die for, menswear inspired clothes. And also why Sofia Coppola counts her as her leading lady. And possibly her coolness could have contributed to the honor of getting to portray DEBBIE HARRY in the Blondie movie. I am so so jealous...

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Caroline said...

I, personally, think you are far more gorgeous than Kiki. :-) Your style is your own, and I love you for that!

Love the blond too!