Wednesday, April 22, 2009

stylestaters: Earth Mama's


It's Earth Day once again and this time I am paying homage to those fantastic and almost mythical earth mama's. These are the women that inspire us to kick off our shoes, trade our cashmere for cotton and kaftan's, and let our hair lose. Today I challenge you all to wear organic fibers, feel the earth under your feet, and give the eyeliner a rest. Be natural, be free, and be happy. Earth Mama's are a huge inspiration for our fashion today. Thank you Stella McCartney for using earth and animal friendly materials in your designs since the beginning. The fashion world is changing, even our top couture designers know that our resources are dwindling and recycling is important. All of the major design houses are trying to come up with new ways to work with new and natural fibers. The world and the land we live on and live off has been a huge influence on the designs this season. Look at Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs fall 09 shows. African inspired prints and fabrics, raffia, feathers. There are a slew of interesting new designers and labels popping up. The French duo who started the fantastic, organic cotton, severely stylish label LEAF. One of my absolute favorites and an item on my lust-list for this summer is a dress from Jeff Garner's line PROPHETIK. His fabrics have been painted by rehabilitated elephants belonging to the designer. They are absolutely beautiful dresses with an absolutely beautiful story behind them. Now is the time to shop local, to get resourceful, and to look to this beautiful earth for inspiration in all that you do!!

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Wow! Inspiring!