Friday, November 6, 2009

My New Blog

Hello Everyone,
If you've noticed that I havent posted on here in awhile it is because my stylish best friend and I have started a new blog. Its a really great one and I think you'll all enjoy the posts.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

StyleStater: Vanessa Traina

Vanessa Traina

When SF naysayers want to try and say that San Francisco doesnt have the fashion sensibility that Los Angeles or New York natives may have, I like to simply remind them of one current style icon, Vanessa Traina. This SF native is the daughter of queen of romance novels, Danielle Steele. Ms. Steele towed Vanessa and her older sister Victoria to fashion shows all over the world from a very tender age. the girls grew up with a keen eye for a fashion but a flair for easy style like many in Northern California hold. Vanessa's style tends to lean toward edgy, new, young designers such as Balmain and Alexander Wang and looks that have an ease yet a toughness about them. She is the epitome of cool girl chic. Not only a pretty face, Vanessa has studied fashion and is now pursuing a career in fashion styling and modeling. Thank you Miss Traina for being one of the tastemakers of today and from growing up in our great city.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

VHCLE Launch Sacramento 2009

This past July, the VHCLE magazine crew and I threw a Launch party in Sacramento. Though it was our first, and really a test run for things to come, we were pleased with the outcome. Great music, awesome local vendors, and some amazing talent coming down the runway. I was in charge of making sure the fashion show went smoothly...and I think it did ;) Needless to say, it was a great opportunity for anyone who was there to get involved with some of the fashion talent emerging out of the Bay Area. I say, keep your eyes out for Velvet Leaf and Van de Neer. Velvet Leaf is a female duo that makes some of the most BEAUTIFUL clothes out of organic and recycled materials. If you saw these items you would surely realize that recycled and organic no longer comes with the stigma it used to. Check out there stuff at and try and keep yourself from ordering EVERY SINGLE ITEM!! I have my eye out for this great little black long sleeved pullover with hood and white ruffle detail at the collar. As for Van de Neer, designer Nicole is working her way up there. Her show was by far the most fun for me. Maybe because my long lasting obsession with Alice in Wonderland and the fact that her clothes conjure up whimiscal, pastel colored leiderhosen and fairytale children. She sent her models down the runway with a projection behind them of images from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. It was all very fun and Im happy to have been apart of it.

thanks to the classic penguin for this picture of me and M. backstage

Friday, April 24, 2009

stylestaters: Paul Newman


Recently, my guy has been re-evaluating his style. He turned 26 this year, moved from the beach to the city, and realized that what passed in sunny San Diego doesn't always work in windy San Fran. I have always loved the way he dressed, but fully supported an upgrade. As we were shopping around I couldn't help but notice how fantastic he would look dressed a little less Spiccoli and a little more Paul Newman. Always looking cool, clean cut, and yet just rugged enough, Paul Newman is my dream man style. His staples included V-neck sweaters, fitted chino's and trousers hitting just at the ankle, Chuck Taylor's or oxfords, and tight, white tees. My guy didn't need to make too many adjustments as he was well on his way to achieving this look.

Paul Newman was always an active man and needed comfort to be key. Never a fan of over sized, he is a vision in tailored clothing, showing of his athletic yet slim physique. He was either on a sailboat, racing a car,horseback ridding or shopping with the love of his life, longtime wife Joanne Woodward.He was a very handsome and talented man and he will be missed. But guys, take note, this is how a man should dress!

left, my beau looking cool right,Paul still stylish in old age


I am currently lusting after a Balmain jacket. The design house has done exaggerated shoulders right. With a slimmer, more feminine silhouette and a great little swoop, its more Disney Villian then 80's power suit...and I absolutely need one!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

stylestaters: Kirsten Dunst


Recently, in an attempt to not look back at my 20's and sigh at the fact that I never had fun with my style, I dyed my hair very, very blonde. Though many have given their oppinion without my asking, saying they liked it better before or they like me better now, the best thing I have heard from several people is my recent comparability to the ever so stylish, indie-scene queen, Ms. Kirsten Dunst. And to that I say first, "Really?" ,and then, "THANK YOU!!".

Kirsten on left, me on right,
what do you think?

Kirsten Dunst has been one of the young actresses whose personal style I have both admired and related to over the years. Her tried and true staples consist of black Ray Ban Wayfarers, Chuck Taylor's, and white v-neck tees. On her downtime she is always photographed looking like she just rolled out of a great concert at a small venue, and her red carpet look speaks of effortless, timeless glamour and just the right touch of artistic flair. Hair always perfectly undone whether she's traipsing around in chucks and jeans or sauntering down the red carpet in Chanel and Lanvin. Kirsten is a girl that all of us other girls can relate to. She seems to not splurge on every trend but rather wear the classics. She is that cool girl that you want to hang out with, sip an iced coffee and peruse the record store. This must be why Boy by Band of Outsiders made her their spring spokesmodel for all of those to die for, menswear inspired clothes. And also why Sofia Coppola counts her as her leading lady. And possibly her coolness could have contributed to the honor of getting to portray DEBBIE HARRY in the Blondie movie. I am so so jealous...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

stylestaters: Earth Mama's


It's Earth Day once again and this time I am paying homage to those fantastic and almost mythical earth mama's. These are the women that inspire us to kick off our shoes, trade our cashmere for cotton and kaftan's, and let our hair lose. Today I challenge you all to wear organic fibers, feel the earth under your feet, and give the eyeliner a rest. Be natural, be free, and be happy. Earth Mama's are a huge inspiration for our fashion today. Thank you Stella McCartney for using earth and animal friendly materials in your designs since the beginning. The fashion world is changing, even our top couture designers know that our resources are dwindling and recycling is important. All of the major design houses are trying to come up with new ways to work with new and natural fibers. The world and the land we live on and live off has been a huge influence on the designs this season. Look at Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs fall 09 shows. African inspired prints and fabrics, raffia, feathers. There are a slew of interesting new designers and labels popping up. The French duo who started the fantastic, organic cotton, severely stylish label LEAF. One of my absolute favorites and an item on my lust-list for this summer is a dress from Jeff Garner's line PROPHETIK. His fabrics have been painted by rehabilitated elephants belonging to the designer. They are absolutely beautiful dresses with an absolutely beautiful story behind them. Now is the time to shop local, to get resourceful, and to look to this beautiful earth for inspiration in all that you do!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"I just want to go around and influence people in various things."
-Loulou de la Faliase, 1973

stylestaters on the street

These guys have the effortless, yet put together, casualness to a T

A great trench and some classic footwear done right with a pop of color...and i love the cuff on his jeans!
grant st., Chinatown, SF March 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

this just in....

SARAH SILVERMAN MODELS BOY by BAND OF OUTSIDERS!!!! check it out, its fantastic.