Saturday, October 18, 2008

words of wisdom from a style guru

"Remember this: no one is looking at your imperfections because they are all to busy worrying about thier own"
"You can't listen to other people if you want your own style."

Friday, October 17, 2008

a Love Letter to Lou


INSPIRING! So magnificently stylish I was moved to name my cashmere grey kitty after her. Lou Doillon is one of the most interesting women to grace fashion in a while. She Parisian royalty, being the daughter of Jane Birkin and the half sister to equally awe inspiring Charlotte Gainsbourgh. She is the epitome of cool. Actress, designer, musician and all around creative bohemian. The bangs, the overbite, those cat eyes and the long and lanky frame make every outfit and look utterly, breathtakingly, COOL! Lou has been known to sport style with an undone, roughed up, less then perfect demeanor that makes the term effortless come to life. Known to dawn everything from top hats to tutu's and dressing down a frothy frock with a tough motorcycle jacket, she is inspiring legions of followers all over the world.

You can grab a piece of her style by buying her line for LEE COOPER denim company. She whipped out high waisted short shorts and wide leg trousers with piping. Her goal this season was to give girls who like to dress up ,but feel that its impossible in day to day denim life, a prescription for their high-low look dilemma. And of course, she nailed it.

Take a tip from Lou and don't let your look get too perfect...mussed up is where its at.

Making a city size "walk-in" work

Recently, the love of my life and I moved to my favorite city in America...San Francisco!! Naturally, I would be with a person who is interested in style and ,when given the chance and the funds, shopping. This can be a daunting task when trying to shove my extensive ,and ever growing, wardrobe plus his wonderful coats and STACKS of t-shirts into what was considered a walk in closet in the 1920's. Though it is much bigger then most and definitely roomy enough to walk and even lay down in, there was a lack of rack and shelving space.
But never fear!!! This is where my excellent organizational skills and crafty folding tricks come into hand. I know this is a problem that many people face when deciding to move in with the loved let me impart my wisdom.

First step: EDIT
This should happen every season actually. This is the time to toss anything that fits poorly, is falling apart and couldn't be salvaged, and is just not your style. Everyone should get a grasp on their personal style. I love tear sheets. Look through magazines. What sparks your interest? What makes you swoon the minute you see it and keeps you day dreaming of what you would look like dressed like that? Who and what inspires you? It can be anything! I learned from an article on Izzac Mizzrahi that he tells women to create a scrapbook of inspiration and to use this when shopping and getting dressed. Once you know who you are, and stop just following trends, editing will be much easier and should happen less and less. There will always be items that are keepsakes, and for this I say store in a garment bag and lay flat on a top shelf. After you edit don't just throw it away...our landfills are ridiculous now a days. Instead, donate what you can or invite your girlfriends over to go through your discards.

If you must, like I had to, install shelving. Home Depot is great for this, you can just install brackets and lay as many shelves as you need. Its all about vertical storage, go as high as you can. The collectibles and special pieces that don't get worn should go on the top and then seasonal clothes (preferably in a trunk or garment bag so they stay in condition), then shoes that aren't worn as often. As you get closer to eye level start folding jeans, cotton dresses and skirts, tees and sweaters. As much as you can get on the shelves in a shop-able way, the better. I like to hang my nice dresses and blouses (as I currently have one small rack) and keep my seasonal/favorite shoes on the floor under the rack. Boots/booties, mary-jane heels, flats, moccasins and TOMS. All of these will come in handy this autumn/winter and need to be accessible.

What to do with all those fabulous accessories (so important this season in personalizing your look)? I made use of my nooks and cranny's and open wall space. Cute curtain holders, vintage doorknobs, anything you can attach to the wall to hang scarves, necklaces, and purses on is key. Again, more shelving could always be installed. As for undergarments, I have little cotton lined baskets that I store on shelves to house my precious linens ;)

As long as you keep it organized (organization is key) and as long as you gave your guy a proper amount of space in the closet (this can be tough but use your noggin or write me and we can figure it out) the rest is for you to play with. Your closet should help you have a relaxing and easy dressing experience. I had extra wall space in the closet and a TINY bathroom so I took a couple feet of the wall and made a vanity space. I cant take credit for this ingenious idea (its IKEA) but I do love it so much. Its an affordable way to add a bit of glamour to every morning. By a LACK shelf from IKEA and install it in your closet, at about lap height. Above this you can add mirror and below a little stool and voile! Instant glamour. Space to do your hair and make up and let your guy take the bathroom. You can also add an inspiration board to your closet to help you get inspired every morning.

The key of this experiment is to make life just a bit more orderly and easy. Dressing shouldn't be a daunting task, once you understand your style and clean up the closet, the rest should be fun!
Fashion is FUN!!! start saying that ;)