Friday, October 17, 2008

a Love Letter to Lou


INSPIRING! So magnificently stylish I was moved to name my cashmere grey kitty after her. Lou Doillon is one of the most interesting women to grace fashion in a while. She Parisian royalty, being the daughter of Jane Birkin and the half sister to equally awe inspiring Charlotte Gainsbourgh. She is the epitome of cool. Actress, designer, musician and all around creative bohemian. The bangs, the overbite, those cat eyes and the long and lanky frame make every outfit and look utterly, breathtakingly, COOL! Lou has been known to sport style with an undone, roughed up, less then perfect demeanor that makes the term effortless come to life. Known to dawn everything from top hats to tutu's and dressing down a frothy frock with a tough motorcycle jacket, she is inspiring legions of followers all over the world.

You can grab a piece of her style by buying her line for LEE COOPER denim company. She whipped out high waisted short shorts and wide leg trousers with piping. Her goal this season was to give girls who like to dress up ,but feel that its impossible in day to day denim life, a prescription for their high-low look dilemma. And of course, she nailed it.

Take a tip from Lou and don't let your look get too perfect...mussed up is where its at.

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