Monday, March 17, 2008

what is stylestate?

style n. 1. the way in which something is expressed 2. the combination of distinctive features of artistic expression characterizing a particular person 3. a quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes

state n. 1. a condition or mode of being 2. a condition of being in a stage or form, as a structure, growth, or developement 3. a mental or emotional condition

Welcome to stylestate.

a blog to provide every and all fashionistas, artists, dreamers and thinkers with a place to share ideas, learn about your fashion contemporaries, bring insight into what it really means to have style, and help us state who we are as individuals with our style.

illustration by Ruben Toledo

I have always believed that we as individuals, especially those with an interest in fashion, should express who we are on the inside by what we present on the outside. What better way to express ourselves and even understand ourselves then through fashion. That is the essence of personal style, is it not? Its your personality. This is why i have never undrstood this trend of, well, trends! I admitt, i have been victim to them at times also. Whether on purpose or by accident of the trend coming around to something that was a staple to my personal style. But, i shudder at the idea of actually following trends. We all want to imitate those that exude personal style, but when we imitate we are doing the opposite of what our fashion contemporaries are. They are not copying or following trends. They are paving the way or at least staying true to themselves and what they love. If you love your knee high boots and have since before the trend, then I say keep rockin' them. If big sunglasses or ray bans were your shades of choice before the Olsens or the Kirstens or Kates made them infamous to our generation, then keep on keepin on. The point is find what you love and in those now famous words "make it work".

Finding your stylestate:

This is a page to come to and learn. Learn about yourself, your contemporaries, your passions, your world and in turn, your personal style. Its a place to give props to those that are inspiring you and pushing you to push your own wardrobe envelope. Its a place to read, write, learn and then go into your closet and put on something you love with a little more meaning then before. The more knowledge you have the more you can referance. The things that you love and that inspire you are what you should be referancing everytime you go into your closet, your jewelry box, even your makeup bag. Do not be afraid to wear what you love or what makes you feel great. The key to great style is confidance. Why do we admire women like Kate Moss and the Olsen twins, or Karen or Jackie O. ? It is because they effortlessly pull off things that we wish we could. Well, you can. You can wear whatever you want! Just wear it with confidence and with comfort. If you are at all uncomfortable in what you have on, it will come through.

Each week I will post tips to better organize your closet and wardrobe, fashion history articles, inspiration boards, fashion shout outs, and street style.

Each month I will post a new photo shoot.

And I will always look forward to hearing how you or someone you know took a fashion risk or effortlessly displays their personality in their wardrobe. Its all about encouraging each other and having fun with fashion.

What's your stylestate?

-Ashley B

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sharon said...

Yeah!!! I can't believe I am your first comment!! I know you will receive many. I mean how can anyone possibly visit this and NOT leave a comment! You do awesome work! You continue to amaze me! Whatever you do in this life Ashley, you will be successful. Not only am I going to get some "stylestate", I am going to tell everyone where, how and from whom they can get some too!

With love from your greatest fan,