Monday, March 17, 2008

stylestaters: Debbie Harry


For our first issue of stylestaters (the part of the blog where I take time to showcase one of the many influential men or women exuding personal style) I have chosen new wave/punk goddess Debbie Harry. Not only is she the original bottle blond, but she is one of the first females to lead an all male band, and do it in kick ass style. One of our eras most prominent fashionistas, Gwen Stefani has even cited Debbie Harry as her biggest influences.

Debbie Harry was born to a modest, church going family with little money. Shopping trips usually became disagreements between mother and daughter. Where Debbie wanted to wear items dripping in sexuality or crazy cuts and frills, mother guided her toward more sophisticated and streamlined looks. Upon graduating high school, Harry left for New York. She made ends meet working as a waitress at Max's Kansas City. The influence of New York in the sixties and Harry's devil may care attitude contributed widely to her iconic style. Once forming the group Blondie, during the birth of the music video era, her style became instantly recognizable and forever emulated.

Debbie Harry simply followed her own spirit and wore what she felt comfortable in. She has been quoted as saying

" I like to look and feel good in what I'm wearing, but I dont like to not high maintenance." (

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