Thursday, August 27, 2009

StyleStater: Vanessa Traina

Vanessa Traina

When SF naysayers want to try and say that San Francisco doesnt have the fashion sensibility that Los Angeles or New York natives may have, I like to simply remind them of one current style icon, Vanessa Traina. This SF native is the daughter of queen of romance novels, Danielle Steele. Ms. Steele towed Vanessa and her older sister Victoria to fashion shows all over the world from a very tender age. the girls grew up with a keen eye for a fashion but a flair for easy style like many in Northern California hold. Vanessa's style tends to lean toward edgy, new, young designers such as Balmain and Alexander Wang and looks that have an ease yet a toughness about them. She is the epitome of cool girl chic. Not only a pretty face, Vanessa has studied fashion and is now pursuing a career in fashion styling and modeling. Thank you Miss Traina for being one of the tastemakers of today and from growing up in our great city.

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