Thursday, March 27, 2008

stylestaters: Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny
before there were the Olsen twins, there was Chloe Sevigny

While your little niece (and who are we kidding, you too!) idolizes MK and Ashley for their hodge- podge style and mismatched designer and grunge wear, you aspire to dress for the more mature, but equally inspired crowd, and thus you look to Chloe Sevigny.

Long before the Olsen twins were running around being mini fashion icons, Chloe Sevigny was consistently on the worst of the worst dressed lists, being picked on for her courageous efforts in mixing and matching and having a F-you attitude about it. Chloe knew fashion was fun and still does. Though in her early days of experimenting some outfits went awry, it was the fact that she wore them with that knowing smirk that made them always look cool and effortless. As she has grown she has come to coin a certain look and stuck with it. Still a founder of what has been coined as "indie style" she continually wears androgynous outfits, signature Ray Bans, and combos that most people wouldn't dare to try but wish they would have. Chloe is a fashion renegade. And with no stylist in toe to help her stay on top of whats hot, shes a gal who thinks for herself...and that is forever refreshing.

A constant supporter and friend to many of today's young fashion designers, Miss Sevigny has branched out on her own and brought her signature look to Opening Ceremony. There you will find staples of her wardrobe. Baby doll dress, ciggie pants, and Little House on the Prairie floral prints, thrown together with that punk rock attitude we have come to covet in Chloe.

"i think i AM on the radar for style-setters. And then it trickles down from what they do."

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